Kantor, formerly known as ‘5 & a Dime,’ is a Philadelphia-based electronic musician and technology aficionado. Kantor’s sound encompasses a dark and moody mid-tempo structure while maintaining a melodic and emotional integrity akin to artists like Porter Robinson, 1788-L, K?D, San Holo, Rezz, Mura Masa, and Dr. Fresch. The 27-year old musician reigned as the world champion of Dance Dance Revolution and has since incorporated similar tech into custom-built dance pads, on which he performs live. This departure from the ‘5 & a Dime’ brand focuses less on mashups and DJing, and more on original content and live performance.


Hardware / Software

The pads each have a set of “handlebars” to provide stability and control Kantor’s center of gravity while stepping quickly (as fast as actual DDR play normally is)

This project is a hybrid between Launchpad and DDR technology connected via MIDI into Ableton triggering several drum racks worth of samples. It then sends a visual MIDI signal to the custom program we have built with Unreal Engine (same motion graphics engine that is used for many PS4/Xbox games). That visual can be put onto any projection or LED wall.

4 dance pads (up, down, left, right, up left, and up right arrow buttons), connected to a computer that can activate multiple drum racks worth of samples via MIDI. This MIDI not only activates the sounds/samples, but also sends MIDI out via a custom program we built that generates visuals associated with each button of the custom DDR Launchpad. These visuals can be as simple as showing the audience which button on the DDR Launchpad is being triggered all the way to controlling custom visuals in the background of the screen.

Concept Formation

The idea formed in 2013 after Kantor completed his tour with Kendrick Lamar and Steve Aoki. He knew he wanted to transition from mashups to original music and live performance. In September of 2017, the mission took form. Guy Dupont worked with Kantor to develop a program that recognizes the dance pads as a launchpad and triggers notes (C-2 to C 7) on a drum rack or any synth. Steve Rivera from Klip programmed visuals and rendered motion graphics that could be triggered live by the dance pads in Unreal Engine.